The Team

Trey Williams is a Board Certified Pediatrician who did his medical training in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. It was there that he met his wife and future blog partner, Lindsey, an anesthesiologist with an undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics. They both completed residency in Burlington, Vermont and have now settled in the great state of Virginia.

As an avid blog reader, Lindsey noted that there was a general lack of accurate information on pediatric health and parenting. Instead, there seemed to be simply anecdotal stories about what worked for individual cases. This bothered them both, and they decided to create some change.

It was then and there that ThePedsMD was born.

This is a place for honest information about not only kid’s well being but also the parents (and staying sane!). Evidenced-based information on childhood health, nutrition, safety, development, and frequently asked questions received in the office. A place to learn about your infant, child, or adolescent. A place where parents can be real and open.

That’s not all, however. With monthly wine recommendations and tips on how and where to spend time away from the children, you can rest assured you’ll find personal benefits as well. Parental happiness means improved family happiness- so join us on this adventure!

Trey, Lindsey, and Calhoun